Latinaotearoa is a Latin Funk
Soul Hip Hop AND Jazzy Outfit
from the Land of the Long
White Cloud, New Zealand.

Meeting the Artists



Latinaotearoa came from the concept of blending local flavours with the colourful
cultures of South America. Brazilian born Auckland DJ Bobby Brazuka and Venezuelan
singer Jennifer Zea created a unique live performance with Bobby’s Latin influenced
soul-funk and hip hop selections layered with Jennifer’s ravishing vocals.

Three years, two albums and countless tours later, Latinaotearoa continues to go from
strength to strength. Debut album Latinaotearoa was nominated for Best Roots Album at
the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards in 2013, creating deserved exposure for the
band. It provided momentum for their follow-up album, Latinaotearoa in Latinoamerica,
which was recorded in 2014 in the colourful surrounds of Brazil, enabling the group to
delve into their Latin roots for inspiration.

Jennifer Zea


Hailing from Venezuela by way of Motown, Jennifer Zea is one of the freshest vocal talents in Bossa and Latino soul. She’s earned respect in her field by travelling

the globe and notching up over 100 live performances, alongside world renowned artists of the Jazz and World Music scenes.

Bobby Brazuka


Brazuka is the unofficial Brazilian ambassador of music and culture in Aotearoa ( New Zealand ), with a distinguished palate for Samba, Soul, funk and Latin hip hop amongst a host of other styles.

He has been the creator of the Latinaotearoa concept and has been educating and sharing his love of Brazilian and Latin music to kiwi audiences for the last 12 years.

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